The Economics Mastermind

The Mastermind will help prepare you for every step of the Cambridge Economics application process, from personal statement writing, to TMUA exam practice, to interview preparation.

You won’t find such a highly intensive, comprehensive and personalised preparation specifically for Economics and the TMUA anywhere else.

Our entire tutoring team (as well as our founder!) is made up of first-class Oxbridge mathematicians, scientists, and economists. We have been in your shoes and we have reached the goal you are trying to achieve.

Our mission is to use our experience, combined with great teaching, to help you get there too.

There are three Mastermind Programmes: Silver (🥈) , Gold (🥇), and Diamond (💎).

Cambridge Economics Programmes (2023 entry)
Silver (LITE)
Group enrichment, 1-1 support LIVE on Zoom
Price on application

Ideal for you if you want a core introduction to Cambridge Economics preparation, including interview and essay skills as well as assistance with your personal statement.

500+ exclusive online past paper video solutions and practice questions

Fortnightly Economics workshops with our expert Economics tutors

Fortnightly Maths practice for TMUA with our expert Maths tutors

2-day intensive Maths summer school for TMUA, including 2 exclusive mock papers

2-day intensive Economics summer school, including interview technique

​1-day Economics group interview course

A suggested week-by-week study programme to keep you on track

Price on application
Most popular
Group enrichment, 1-1 support LIVE on Zoom
Price on application

Ideal for you if you want to get a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of Cambridge Economics.


20 hours of 1-1 tuition, which can be used for anything you’d like, including:

  • Economics interview preparation
  • Economics personal statement support
  • Recommended reading
  • SAQ (supplementary additional questionnaire) support

3x 1-1 Cambridge Economics mock interviews

Price on application
Group enrichment, 1-1 support LIVE on Zoom
Price on application

Ideal for you if you want the most thorough, in-depth support for your Cambridge Economics application.


40 hours of 1-1 tuition, which can be used for anything you’d like, including:

  • Economics interview preparation
  • Economics personal statement support
  • Recommended reading
  • SAQ (supplementary additional questionnaire) support

6x 1-1 Cambridge Economics mock interviews

Price on application
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Further testimonials
Hear from students who have seen the unmatched results of taking our courses:
I learned a lot about the function and graph sketching questions, which as well as being useful for TMUA are essential tools for interviews. The teaching was engaging and the solutions were well explainedI learned a lot about the function and graph sketching questions, which as well as being useful for TMUA are essential tools for interviews. The teaching was engaging and the solutions were well explained.
I got in, largely thanks to my mock interviews with Ms K and the online resources. Will recommend 🙂
The tutors are really friendly and helpful, but also highly knowledgeable, meaning that they can easily see where you were going in your thinking, and show you how to alter it to tackle the questions better.
The tutors' explanations are a good balance between hints to nudge me forward without giving away the answer, useful interventions when I'm stuck, and full explanations at the end of each question.
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Meet some of our tutoring team...

A first-class Oxford graduate and qualified classroom teacher, Paarul is the founder and visionary behind The Oxbridge Formula and author of The Oxbridge Formula book.

Having been an Oxbridge Mentor in a top-10 London independent school and garnered more than 10 years teaching experience, she is committed to helping students fulfil the heights of their potential through hard work, a growth mindset and plenty of problem solving. Together with Lead Tutor Chris, she has helped nearly 3000 students with their Oxbridge applications.

The Oxbridge Formula’s Senior Oxbridge Tutor, Chris is a first-class Oxford Masters’ graduate with 7 years’ experience mentoring Oxbridge candidates to success. He is the co-author of The Oxbridge Formula and responsible for co-creating many of The Oxbridge Formula’s sell-out admissions test preparation courses.

With experience working with students individually and in groups, Chris heads up the tutoring team and ensures a high standard of education is maintained throughout all of The Oxbridge Formula’s courses.


With a doctorate in Maths and currently working as a maths lecturer at Imperial College London, Sam knows exactly what admissions tutors are looking for. He’s been working with The Oxbridge Formula since its inception and has been instrumental in developing our courses as a highly valued member of our tutoring team. Not just a maths whizz, Sam is an experienced, confident teacher, great at explaining new concepts simply & working through solutions with a group.


A key member of our tutoring team, Adam graduated with a First from Cambridge, did a PhD in Maths at Imperial, and has now popped back to Cambridge to do a postdoc. What a trajectory! He has a knack for drawing links between seemingly unconnected bits of maths. Experienced as both a group and one-to-one tutor, Adam is a strong communicator and expert problem solver, excited to take on new challenges with students.

What's included?
- Silver
- Gold
- Diamond
Over 500 exclusive online TMUA video solutions (including extra practice questions) - available immediately
- Silver
- Gold
- Diamond
Over 500 exclusive online TMUA video solutions (including extra practice questions) - Available immediately

Students tell us that when they see a solution they get it, but that they would have never come up with this solution on their own.

Our 500+ video solutions have been created by our handpicked team of expert tutors. They have been created to express every thought process, so that you can start to think just like an expert and approach problems in the same way.

This video content and the extra practice questions we provide form the basis of the independent study that Mastermind students will do at home.

You will have access to the online resources for 1 year, i.e. until after your admissions test and interview have both taken place.

“Using the online resources, I felt there was somewhere I could turn every time I had a question!” – Charlotte

“It’s really helpful to see the best way to tackle a question and what to start with. In particular, the use of diagrams to explain problems made a lot the explanations very clear.” – Siddharth

Live weekly workshops
Exclusive Maths Workshops With TMUA Tutors

The TMUA is a very different beast from an A Level paper – faster-paced, more time-pressured, and with a unique focus on proof and logic topics in paper 2, some of which may be completely unfamiliar to you at first.

Extensive practice is essential, but the number of past papers is very limited.

So, in order to provide you with the preparation and practice you need, we are running specialist workshops with our expert TMUA tutors on a fortnightly basis.

We’ll cycle between the following workshop types:

1) Mini Timed Maths – multiple-choice maths time-saving tips and practice, with regular assessments and feedback

2) Proof and Logic – focused on the tricky TMUA Paper 2 topics that are less well covered at A level, with further assessments and feedback

Fortnightly Economics workshops

You want to be able to approach interview questions and your TSA essay with utter confidence. Not a doubt in sight.

For this, you need:

  • A healthy store of background knowledge
  • To be exposed to to key ideas and their economic, political, and social context
  • To practise understanding, discussing, and debating these key ideas and concepts
  • To be familiar with the style of argumentation that will be expected of you as an Oxford candidate in economics

With these 4 skills under your belt, you’ll be able to impress the admissions tutors by creating an essay or producing an answer which hinges on economic or political insights from all the thinking you’ve done about them.

Examples of topics

The below are just some examples of topics we’ll be covering with you. In reality, we’re likely to change things up a bit, according to the current affairs stories at the time.

The sessions will involve discussion, argumentation and some interrogation(!). They aren’t lectures and you’ll be an active participant, learning how to express your views with panache.

Each of the following topics can be spun to be relevant to you and your subject. We will draw on other social science subjects besides Land Economy to make sure you can give nuanced answers to a variety of questions. The tutor will bear in mind your subject of choice and angle the question to your subject specialism.


  • What ‘is’ Economics (and what is it not)
  • Issues regarding the tragedy of the commons
  • The economic problem
  • Keynes vs Classical models
  • Adam Smith’s theory and its implications today
  • The transfer of maths into economics
  • Fiscal and monetary reforms of the last 100 years
  • The roles of Keynes and Austrian schools of thought in shaping economic policy decisions in 2021
  • Synthesis of economic equations in Microeconomics, such as ‘Why is MR twice AR?’
  • Elasticity, labour markets, and the theory of the firm
  • Behavioural economics – the theory and the real life context of nudges and shoves
Fortnightly social sciences workshop

Examples of topics

The below are just some examples of topics we’ll be covering with you.

Social Sciences topics (from subjects incl. PPE/Economics & Management/Land Economy) include:

  • Compulsory Purchase Orders (and how they impact residents)
  • Why are we building HS2?
  • Does the Air Passenger Duty make a difference to global carbon footprint?
  • Comparative politics
  • National and international political institutions
  • Quantitative methods in politics
  • The role of technology in business operations
  • Models of leadership (via case study and via situational reasoning)
  • Financial ratios and financial analysis
  • The transfer of maths into economics
  • Fiscal and monetary reforms of the last 100 years
  • The roles of Keynes and Austrian schools of thought in shaping economic policy decisions in 2021
Intensive TMUA and Interview Courses - admissions test and interview coaching in a group setting (on Zoom)
Summer Economics Workshops - Themes and Debates

Following directly on from the work you’ll be doing during the regular fortnightly Economics sessions, we’ll dedicate two whole days over the Summer holidays to a deeper exploration of key Economics topics and skills for Oxbridge applicants.

Dates: Saturday 6th & Saturday 13th August 2022

We will put a special focus on preparing you for an Economics-based interview, including how to:

– Structure your arguments in response to economic questions in order to demonstrate insight, logical reasoning, and nuance

– Quickly analyse prompts like economic graphs and respond to interview-style questions on them

– Approach tricky game theory or expected value problems, which are notorious interview favourites but very different from anything you’ll see at school

– Put your thoughts into words in interview-style hotseat questioning, with individual feedback on each answer

The course will be highly interactive, involving tutor-guided group discussion among students as well as direct teaching by tutors.

“It was really nice to hear other people’s ideas and how they responded to the same question that we had discussed in our group and it was good to get some constructive feedback each time. Overall it was a really useful day and I’m glad I attended :)” – Kyna

“It was a very useful and interactive course that gives an insight in what to expect at interviews, for example: game theory and graph analysis. The tutors were really helpful and friendly and would help us if we were stuck in the break out rooms. I would 100% recommend this course to someone else.” – Maanas

Maths Short Questions for Economics Summer School

Getting good and fast at TMUA problems involves developing an intrinsic understanding of maths which goes beyond what you’ll have covered at school.

We’ll spend the first day of the course looking at various problem-solving techniques which will widen your mathematical thinking and stretch you to the level you’ll need for the highest TMUA scores and the more mathematical Economics interview problems.

On the last day, you will have the chance to sit two complete, exclusive mock TMUA papers to better track your own progress.

Dates: Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st August 2022

– Examine the subtlest aspects of manipulating inequalities
– Perfect your understanding of necessary and sufficient conditions
– Analyse unfamiliar graphs with symmetry tricks
– Master the art of dividing problems by cases

“It’s really engaging as working as a team makes the questions feel less daunting. Moreover the strategies recommended are priceless when it comes to efficiency in answering questions.“ – Edward

“I really enjoyed this course because it allowed me to challenge myself as well as improving my ability to think outside of the box when it comes to finding less obvious solutions to problems.” – Aisha

“Very good course! Questions covered in lots of detail, wide variety of topics covered and lots of support in case you don’t understand something.” – Ethan

Intensive Maths for TMUA course video catch-up replays
- Silver
- Gold
- Diamond
Intensive Maths for TMUA course video catch-up replays

We know you’ll want revisit the course material after you attend our courses. We’ve put together a handy video version with all the content (specially recorded online versions) so you can:

A) Catch up if you missed anything
B) Refresh the material as many times as you need, closer to your test or interview if you attended them already

“The online course went through many different kinds of questions where the tutor clearly explained how to lay out answers as well as the method behind them.” –Taher

“I learnt so much during the course and wanted to think independently about the problems at home too. The videos re-explain the content just as clearly as the tutors did live, so I really feel like I got everything out of the questions now.” –Alexander

1-day Economics group interview course
- Silver
- Gold
- Diamond
1-day Economics group interview course

Dates: Various weekend dates in Autumn 2022 – you’ll be allocated a space upon registration.

Generic interview prep is rarely very useful, and it can be hard to find realistic interview practice for a highly technical Economics-based interview.

This 6-hour course is completely focused on the ins and outs of an Economics-based interview. Specifically, you’ll be grilled on your personal statement and practise answering tough, never-before-seen questions and explaining your thinking to the interviewer as you go.

Uniquely, you’ll do your interview in front of up to nine other attendees and you’ll have a chance to watch their interviews too, allowing you to work through the questions in real time.

Isn’t that super stressful, I hear you ask?

Basically, yes!

And students who attended this course in the past unanimously told us that the real interviews felt easy in comparison.

“Actually doing a mock, you see the depths the interviewer would explore once you get into the question, which you don’t get just from looking up interview questions online. And it’s fascinating to see everyone else’s mocks and their different approaches.” –Katie

“The mock interview helped me to practise how to take advice onboard while attempting a question. It was also very useful in getting used to the sorts of thought process you need to carry out, such as starting with a concrete case and then generalising. The tutor who asked the interview questions and the tutor who gave feedback afterwards were both very friendly, and they went over the different aspects of your interview in depth to explain what went well and how to improve on other areas.” – Thomas

Exclusive to Gold/Diamond Mastermind Programmes
20 / 40 hours of 1-1 tuition
- Gold
- Diamond
20 / 40 hours of 1-1 tuition

Not currently available outside of this package, we are offering up to 40 hours of tuition with our esteemed tutors.

Honestly, the value of every minute with our expert tutors in a ONE-TO-ONE setting is IMMENSE.

This tuition is highly recommended for international students, as it will also allow us to go through other aspects of your application, such as university choice.

  • We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach: all of our advice is made-to-measure
  • Turn formidable questions into a piece of cake
  • Includes weekly marked homework
  • These sessions can be used for ANYTHING you want:

– Personal statement help
– TMUA prep
– Interview prep
– Discussing marked mock exams
– Mock interviews
– A-level support
– Useful vocabulary for international students
– General questions about Cambridge
– Super-curricular enrichment

3x / 6x 1-1 Mock Interviews
- Gold
- Diamond
3x / 6x 1-1 Mock Interviews

The pressure of a Cambridge interview is real. The number of truly exceptional students that have walked into an interview only to succumb to their nerves is incredible.

Our 1-1 interviews help you avoid this situation and allow you to walk into your interview with confidence.

You’ll get three mock interviews in a two hour session, with detailed feedback after each one.

Becoming comfortable answering tough questions in your subject “out loud” – and facing pushback from the interviewer! – takes some getting used to. Our expert tutors emulate the interview process so you are fully prepared!

Apply for the Economics Mastermind programme with The Oxbridge Formula

Sign up to one of our packages to begin your interview preparation as soon as possible – don’t delay, Cambridge typically give very little notice to invite you to interview; start now!

What are the 500+ video solutions actually like?
What happens if I can't make one of the dates?

Everything we do here at the Oxbridge Formula is highly interactive, so you will get a much better experience if you can attend live. Therefore, we recommend you plan around the dates of the intensive courses if possible.

Nonetheless, if you absolutely cannot attend, you will also have access to pre-recorded versions after each course has taken place. If practical, we also intend to record parts of the workshops. Please note that we are not able to share a recording of the interview group course.

Who is the Economics Mastermind aimed at?

The Mastermind is for students who are aiming for 2023 entry or deferred entry in 2024.

Is the Economics Mastermind for me?

When you apply, you will complete a baseline academic assessment and discuss with us your motivations for applying to Cambridge to allow us to determine if you are a good fit for the Mastermind.

We only work with highly motivated and determined students as our programme requires a good deal of independent study on top of the classes and courses on offer. To be successful, students will need to spend several hours each week on independent study, a level of commitment that is required of all students.

Our triple satisfaction guarantee to you:
Price Match

We are sure that no other organisation offers such a comprehensive and rigorous package of online and group courses specifically for Cambridge Economics admissions tests and interview preparation. In the unlikely event that you do find an identical package at a lower price, carried out by tutors with comparable credentials, we guarantee to match the price.

Tutor Quality

We guarantee the quality of our tutors. All of our tutors are either Oxbridge-educated or hold a PhD from a Russell Group University in a relevant subject. Our tutors go through an intense selection process before they qualify to work with us, and even after that they undergo further training to shape them into the best teachers possible.

Money Back

There is a 14-day money-back guarantee available to students who attend the first two weekly workshops and send us their notes and marked questions to prove that they have used the online resources. If you have done both of these and you still don’t feel that the programme will benefit you on your journey to Oxbridge, just let us know and we would be happy to refund you your full payment. Please note that, if you have had some 1-1 tuition sessions with us, these will still be payable.

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