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The Cambridge Maths Mastermind

The Cambridge Maths Mastermind will help prepare you for every step of the application process, from personal statement writing, to exam practice, to interview preparation.

You won’t find such a highly intensive, comprehensive and personalised preparation course specifically for Maths at Cambridge anywhere else.

There are four Mastermind Programmes: Bronze (🥉), Silver (🥈), Gold (🥇), and Diamond (💎).

What’s included in the Cambridge Maths Autumn Accelerator Programme?
Admissions Accelerator
Pre-recorded materials and group enrichment LIVE on Zoom
Price on application

500+ exclusive online past paper video solutions and practice questions

Full recording of 4-day intensive admissions test summer school

A further 4 days of intensive admissions test – live on zoom – group coaching in October (or equivalent)

​1-day group interview course specific to your Maths and Computer Science applicants

A suggested week-by-week study programme to keep you on track

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Pre-recorded materials, group enrichment, 1-1 support LIVE on Zoom
Price on application
EVERYTHING in Admissions Accelerator

PLUS: MASTERMIND ​BONUS – Weekly Maths Live Problem Solving Sessions with our expert tutors

PLUS: MAT/STEP intuition videos – to develope your intuitive understanding of admissions level problems

PLUS: 10 hours of 1-1 tuition

AND: 3x 1-1 mock interviews

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Pre-recorded materials, group enrichment, 1-1 support LIVE on Zoom
Price on application
EVERYTHING in Admissions Accelerator

PLUS: MASTERMIND ​BONUS – Weekly Maths Live Problem Solving Sessions with our expert tutors

PLUS: MAT/STEP intuition videos – to develope your intuitive understanding of admissions level problems

PLUS: 20 hours of 1-1 tuition

AND: 6x 1-1 mock interviews

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Success Stories
Received an offer to study Maths at Cambridge

The Oxbridge Formula courses were of much use to me as they went above and beyond the A level maths and further maths syllabuses, talking more about solving problems and finding your own approach rather than following the ‘scaffolding’ in any normal maths exam paper. After the course, I got four A*s and S, S, 1 in STEP 1, 2 & 3! 

The course went into new found depth on many different topics such as learning about the true nature of points of inflection and what the phrase ‘if and only if’ really means.
Furthermore, the advice I got on presenting solutions and explaining things clearly and concisely was invaluable. Not only did the course help me prepare for the STEP exams, but as I start life at Cambridge it is becoming increasingly self-evident that the skills I was taught will be very helpful as an undergraduate as well.
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Received an offer to study Maths at Cambridge

It was great to be able to work with so many skilled mathematicians who were also struggling with STEP and to solve the questions together. The tutors were friendly, taught all the material and offered excellent help. It was great to work through the solutions as a class after attempting them individually.

I got a grade 1 in STEP 2 and a grade 2 in STEP 3 (one mark of a 1) and 4 A*s at A Level. I got a place at University of Cambridge to study Mathematics.

I just wanted to say thank you to all the teachers at The Oxbridge Formula. These courses are why I was able to attempt the STEP examinations. Thank you for teaching us all the different techniques, methods and tricks. The feedback for the mock was also very useful and really helped with the June exams.

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Received an offer to study Maths at Cambridge

The absolute best part of this course was that it gave me confidence in my own ability, which doing questions alone at home never did.

I got 4 A*s and a 1 in STEP 3 and a 2 in STEP 2, but still got my Cambridge place because I was only a few marks off a 1. The courses really really helped me and I definitely wouldn’t have done as well without them – I’ve been recommending the courses to people I know doing STEP.

The teachers were friendly and supportive and hinted at how to approach a problem, allowing us to figure it out for ourselves rather than simply giving us answers. The course also helped me to understand the best ways to approach STEP questions, breaking down each question into smaller, more manageable problems.

Another major benefit was being in an environment which allowed us to discuss problems with other STEP students and learn from each other’s ideas, something that wasn’t available to me at home.

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Received an offer to study Maths at Cambridge

The course was well-structured and helpful. I went on feeling much more confident about STEP III than before. Moreover, the environment is perfect for learning – excellent teaching and effective methodology.

Some new things I learned are: probability generating functions, techniques for spring problems, oblique asymptotes, and Leibniz’ differentiation rule.

I achieved SSS in the three STEP exams and I am going to read Maths at Cambridge in October! Thank you to the Oxbridge Formula for the excellent support.
Received an offer to study Maths at Cambridge

I was really struggling with STEP III topics before I went on the Easter course as at school I’d learned the topics but hadn’t understood them in depth.

Before I came on the course it wasn’t likely I was going to meet my offer for Mathematics, but the course helped strengthened my knowledge and allowed me to access a far wider range of topics in the exam.

Thanks to this I managed to get the grades and get my place at Cambridge. I was also only 3 marks off a perfect 120 score in STEP 1. I was absolutely thrilled and wanted to say thanks so much for your help over the course! It landed me a place at Cambridge which I’m very happy with 🙂

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Received an offer to study Maths at Cambridge

When I attended my first STEP course, I had begun tackling STEP questions but I had had no guidance beyond the somewhat limited official solutions. The first course taught me how to formally lay out my argument as well as teaching me various tricks to arrive at an answer quicker. So, for me at least, it turned my ability to solve a problem and understand the principles into being able to produce a well written answer which will gain significantly more marks in a STEP exam.

The courses I attended also focused on specific areas such as trig and working with graphs, which gave me more confidence on these specific types of questions.
I got 1SS, specifically: 100 in STEP 1, 98 in STEP 2 and 91 in STEP 3. I will be studying Maths at Clare College Cambridge.  Thank you for running these courses, and I hope they continue in the future!
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Oxbridge entry is more competitive than ever before

In an uncertain world, your best asset is an elite education.
Getting into Oxbridge is one thing, but the rewards that will follow are even greater!
What does getting into Oxbridge mean to you?

  • Studying with the best minds in the country?
  • Being taught in 1-1 or 2-1 sessions by world-class academics?
  • Proving that you have what it takes to survive a tough STEM degree and coming out the other side with fantastic grades?
  • The massive sense of accomplishment?
  • Making yourself infinitely more employable?
  • Getting that warm, fuzzy feeling on Results Day, knowing that you’ve made your family proud?

You know that by investing in your education today, you will reap the rewards for years to come.
And if you’re going to get help, why not get the best help you possibly can?
Mastery of Oxbridge-admissions-level Maths and Physics is rare to find. Even rarer is someone who can teach it well.

Are you 100% committed to your success?

We will help you...
  • Tap into the knowledge of our expert Oxbridge-educated tutors – There’s nothing like the experience of someone who has been there and done that. Use our experience to get ahead.
  • Lead your own revision with our vault of exclusive online video resources – Take charge of your own admissions test preparation. Oxbridge are looking for self-starters and independent study is absolutely key to success. But only if you know you’re going in the right direction. Our 500+ in-depth videos explain the thought processes of expert problem solvers so you literally start thinking like one.
  • Receive a highly personalised learning experience – We’ll work with you to identify areas of weakness across the whole application – personal statement, admissions test, and interview – so that you can accelerate your progress and turbo-charge your application.
  • Empower yourself with our in-depth interview preparation – One of the most nerve-wracking parts of the entire admissions process (interviews may remain online this year, which will only add to the nerves), the interview is often an area where many otherwise-excellent candidates fail to shine. Together, we’ll make sure you’re able to show your true potential at interview.
What do parents say about the Oxbridge Mastermind Programme?

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What do students say about the Oxbridge Mastermind programme?
Maths/Computer Science Reviews
Students' first hand experiences of our courses
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Meet some of our tutoring team...
A first-class Oxford graduate and qualified classroom teacher, Paarul is the founder and visionary behind The Oxbridge Formula and author of The Oxbridge Formula book. Having been an Oxbridge Mentor in a top-10 London independent school and garnered more than 10 years teaching experience, she is committed to helping students fulfil the heights of their potential through hard work, a growth mindset and plenty of problem solving. Together with Lead Tutor Chris, she has helped nearly 3000 students with their Oxbridge applications.
The Oxbridge Formula’s Senior Oxbridge Tutor, Chris is a first-class Oxford Masters’ graduate with 7 years’ experience mentoring Oxbridge candidates to success. He is the co-author of The Oxbridge Formula and responsible for co-creating many of The Oxbridge Formula’s sell-out admissions test preparation courses. With experience working with students individually and in groups, Chris heads up the tutoring team and ensures a high standard of education is maintained throughout all of The Oxbridge Formula’s courses.
Rohan holds a distinction in his Master’s in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics from Oxford, after achieving a first in every year of the undergraduate degree. He is pursuing a Master’s in Statistics and Financial Mathematics and is looking to undertake a PhD. An outstanding problem solver with a deep understanding of Physics, Rohan has created a great many resources for The Oxbridge Formula and frequently tutors for us. He is a very skilled mathematician, adept at applying mathematical tricks in Physics problems.
With a doctorate in Maths and currently working as a maths lecturer at Imperial College London, Sam knows exactly what admissions tutors are looking for. He’s been working with The Oxbridge Formula since its inception and has been instrumental in developing our courses as a highly valued member of our tutoring team. Not just a maths whizz, Sam is an experienced, confident teacher, great at explaining new concepts simply & working through solutions with a group.
A key member of our tutoring team, Adam graduated with a First from Cambridge, did a PhD in Maths at Imperial, and has now popped back to Cambridge to do a postdoc. What a trajectory! He has a knack for drawing links between seemingly unconnected bits of maths. Experienced as both a group and one-to-one tutor, Adam is a strong communicator and expert problem solver, excited to take on new challenges with students.
Harry holds a first-class Masters in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University, having specialised in Physics and Astronomy. Currently studying for a PhD in Astronomy, he regularly teaches undergraduate physicists at university. A highly insightful and patient tutor, Harry regularly teaches on courses put on by The Oxbridge Formula designed for students sitting the PAT, ENGAA, and NSAA, admissions tests for Oxford and Cambridge respectively.

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Our triple satisfaction guarantee to you:
Price Match

We are sure that no other organisation offers such a comprehensive and rigorous package of online and group courses specifically for Maths admissions tests and interview preparation. In the unlikely event that you do find an identical package at a lower price, carried out by tutors with comparable credentials, we guarantee to match the price.

Tutor Quality

We guarantee the quality of our tutors. All of our tutors are either Oxbridge-educated or hold a PhD from a Russell Group University in a relevant subject. Our tutors go through an intense selection process before they qualify to work with us, and even after that they undergo further training to shape them into the best teachers possible.

Money Back

There is a 14-day money-back guarantee available to students who attend the first two weekly workshops and send us their notes and marked questions to prove that they have used the online resources. If you have done both of these and you still don’t feel that the programme will benefit you on your journey to Oxbridge, just let us know and we would be happy to refund you your full payment. Please note that, if you have had some 1-1 tuition sessions with us, these will still be payable.

Example STEP Solution Video
I already have the online resources as part of the Bronze Online Bundle, so I don't need these again.

Not to worry, send us a message at with the order number of your previous bundle and we’ll send you a way to purchase the bundle at a further discount.

I don't know which subject I want to study yet. Can I still sign up to the Mastermind?

As a Mastermind student, you get access to ALL of the workshops that we run, and one summer course and one October course (or equivalent). These will initially be allocated to you when you choose the course, but if you change your mind, half way through the year, we can reallocate the courses you have access to.

What happens if I can't make one of the dates?

Everything we do here at the Oxbridge Formula is highly interactive, so you will get a much better experience if you can attend live. Therefore, we recommend you plan around the dates of the intensive courses if possible. Nonetheless, if you absolutely cannot attend, you will also have access to pre-recorded versions after each course has taken place. If practical, we also intend to record parts of the skills workshops. Please note that we are not able to share a recording of the interview group course.

Who is the Oxbridge Mastermind aimed at?

The Mastermind is for students who are aiming for 2023 entry or deferred entry in 2024.

I'm applying for Maths at Cambridge, so my test isn't until June 2023.

If you are applying for Maths at Cambridge, this Mastermind is Part 1 of our offering. Part 2 is our separate Mastermind for Year 13 STEP students, which runs from January of Year 13 until STEP takes place in June of Year 13.

Is the Oxbridge Mastermind for me?

When you apply, you will complete a baseline academic assessment and discuss with us your motivations for applying to Oxbridge to allow us to determine if you are a good fit for the Mastermind. We only work with highly motivated and determined students as our programme requires a good deal of independent study on top of the classes and courses on offer. To be successful, students will need to spend several hours each week on independent study, a level of commitment is required of all students.

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