Are you applying for Physics or Engineering at Oxbridge?


The application process for Oxford and Cambridge is confusing at the best of times, but if you’re an applicant who is looking to apply for Engineering or Physics, there are up to three admissions tests that you will be considering at this point in time: the ENGAA, the NSAA, and the PAT.

The differences between the PAT for Oxford and the ENGAA and NSAA for Cambridge are quite significant and may even play a part in determining which university you end up choosing.

In this webinar, we’ll be exploring the key differences between the PAT, the ENGAA, and the NSAA, and discussing why they really are extremely difficult exams compared to what you’ll be used to studying already.

Most importantly, we’ll be showing you four concrete strategies that you can use now (you probably won’t have seen any strategies like this before) to actually allow you to tackle the questions that are going to be thrown at you from a completely different perspective.

So, what types of things will these strategies entail?

  • We’ll be exploring how you can get under the bonnet of a question to really unpick exactly what the examiners were trying to get you to do without even writing anything down
  • We’ll talk about the importance of contemplation (don’t worry, this isn’t a mindfulness webinar!)
  • We’ll be looking at the layout of your work and how you can make the examiner want to give you marks even if you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing in the question
  • We’ll be looking at just how time pressured many of the admissions tests are and why just doing timed practice isn’t going to get you quicker – we’ll show you tricks and tips that actually will help

In this webinar, The Oxbridge Formula team will be joined by two of our tutors – a recent physics graduate from Oxford and a recent Natural Sciences graduate from Cambridge.

We’ll have an ask-me-anything Q&A at the end, and we’ll also be discussing very briefly some of the preparation options we have available for you if you’d like to boost your ENGAA, NSAA, and PAT scores to the highest possible level.

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